Upgrade or Buy New?

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I have a 1993 YZF 750 (not the SP) which I like a lot. Good handling and midrange power, reasonable comfort. But, on the track it could be sharper, more confidence inspiring on the brakes and in corners. Power is fine for me.

No doubt that the Racetech suspension upgrades front and rear and brake upgrades will help a lot. But will it get this old bike anywhere near the ballpark in which the new 600's play? I would consider a 2000 or newer 6oo or a 97 or newer GSXR 750. I tried anF4i on a Honda test ride but wasn't given a chance to see what it could do. The main impression was that I didn't like the feeble mid-range.

I mostly do short rides in the local twisties and one or two track days a year. I rank about in the middle of group 2.

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