After a Crash

Sean Alexander
by Sean Alexander
I recently crashed my ST1100 on the way home from a vacation. A pickup pulling a trailer lost control and fishtailed all over the left lane of the freeway and the gravel shoulder and grass median. The cars following me braked hard and I started braking also. I had left a larger than normal gap between me and the car in front (obviously not large enough) as the guy behind me was tailgating me. Not long after my initial braking I find myself sliding and tumbling along the concrete pavement, finally coming to rest on the right shoulder. Ouch. I got up and walked away with fairly minor scrapes and bruises and a dislocated shoulder. Very lucky, I realise, the fact that the outcome could have been very different is not wasted on me. The bike, unfortuantely, is a total loss.

According to the police, gravel was on the freeway after the trailer went off the road, which may have caused me to lose control of the front end and skid down the concrete. I don't blame anyone but myself for crashing. I could have done this differently, should have done that, if only I'd thought of this, I've been through it all in my head quite a few times since the accident. Fortunately the crash has left me almost unscathed physically, but pretty shaky and uncertain about jumping back on a bike. Winter is closing in up north where I live and I was going to wait until spring to buy another bike if I still want to by that time. I was looking for any advice you can offer about getting back in the saddle and regaining confidence. Thanks.

MO Says: Wait till spring, to buy another bike. Give yourself a month to heal and then take a quick spin on a friends bike to see how you feel about the whole thing. If the bug re-bites you, start looking for a replacement for the ole ST1100.

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Sean Alexander
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