Daytona 1300 Bites It

From Motorcycle News:

Triumph cans Hayabusa rival

8 Oct 2003

MCN has learnt that Triumph has scrapped its project to build the first genuine 200mph production motorcycle.

For last three years the British factory has been developing a 1300cc hypersport bike to rival the Suzuki Hayabusa and Kawasaki ZX-12R and the company intended it to be the first production machine to break the 200mph barrier.

But MCN has learnt that after calling in industry consultants Triumph has decided that with the limited production capacity at its Hinckley factory the bike would not have been a profitable proposition.

And with the market for the 180bhp superbike appearing to be in decline as well the company decided to cut its losses despite having already invested about £4 million.

MCN spotted the bike undergoing tests at the start of September and it appeared to be almost ready for production, but all but one of the seven prototypes have now been destroyed with the remaining bike going to Triumph’s private museum.

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