Update: Dirty Earplugs

Sean Alexander
by Sean Alexander
I asked for it...

I sincerely thank you, for the suggestions, ideas, jabs, threats, praise, pissing and moaning. My email box is overflowing with additional non-public thoughts and suggestions. The overriding theme remains: "Test more bikes and keep the diversity"

Message Received, 5/5.

Here are a few quick notes, after reading your replies:

1.) I think some of you are under the impression that we can snap our fingers and have the bike of our choosing magically appear. This isn't always the case. We get test bikes at the discretion of their owners. (manufacturers, private citizens, etc.)

2.) I intend to review (or have staff members review) as many bikes as is practical.

3a.) JB the bitter little legend, has decided to pursue more lucrative oportunities in the motorcycle industry. He is still in the neighborhood though, so I suspect we'll be hearing from him from time to time (if we're lucky)

3b.) Tim the intern was unhappy to learn that in light of his double-crash opening weekend, MO's owner would not allow him to ride any of MO's test bikes. He quickly grew frustrated and last I heard, he was back home.

4.) "AD Copy" product evaluations: It is true that many of our evaluations and reviews have been glowing or had precious little negative to say about a bike or product. I will do my best to ensure that all MO stories give a balanced opinion. However, you need to understand that some products (like modern tires) really ARE that good.

5.) A few of you seem to think I was seriously asking you which side to take and which bike I should ride. I have no intention of chosing a "side", because we're all on the same side anyway. Motorcycle.Com will continue to be broad focus and inclusive of all things motorcycle. Heck, if I can repair the rift between us and Honda, we'll even be reviewing bikes from Big Red.

6.) The ears of MO will remain open, but try not to get too pissed, if your personal half-baked plan gets ignored :-)

-----Original Message Below-----

Where's my soft drink? I mean "Generation Next" has their own, but I'm a little too old for them. I sure as hell ain't no "Baby Boomer" neither. Nope, not really a southerner, most of the time I don't actually use words like "aint and neither". Where do I belong? Sure I can circulate a roadrace course at a respectable clip, but my all-time favorite bikes include an ancient Indian V-Twin Board Track Racer, numerous Dual-Purpose bikes and holy crap, when I think about it, I have to include the Yamaha V-Max near the top of my all-time greats list.

So, who am I? What do you call a sport bike guy who's also a cruiser guy that occasionally dresses like a Power Ranger and races 50cc scooters to lunch? Why do I get giddy and nearly pee myself, when I get away with something exceptionally illegal on an Aprilia Tuono? Which group of motorcyclists should I take sides with, as I sit here gazing down from my lofty (it's a joke, people) perch, as the poor sap who's closest to running the show at MO? Is it the guys with NASA inspired power to weight ratios? Should I wear black leather and follow the legion of heavy iron cruiser types? Shun bodywork and flash and terrorize small children as a hooligan on a streetfighter? Play the wise and conservative veteran, as I serenely traverse vast expanses of countryside on a touring rig? Where should I direct my editorial duties? I just don't know, and unfortunately MO can't afford a therapist to help me work it out. Can I rely on you for guidance? Can you bear with me, if I merely love motorcycles?

I'd love to hear your thoughts. Say it below, or email me directly at: [email protected].
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