Donde Esta Las Es Viz? Staff
by Staff
Is it just me, or is Soylent Green made out of people?

I's be lookin' at the Suzuki website after perusing the excellently written and terribly astute "2004 Suzuki Models" article (the author of which must be terribly good-looking, might I add). I was trying to compare the ground clearance of the new "SV-Strom" to that of the standard SV650. And, um, guess what's NOT readily available from the model listings?

Bandit 600.
SV 650.
SV 650S.
Maybe one or two others I missed, oui?
Now, if I'm stupid, please tell me (not that any of you would hesitate).

So is it just me, or is the sky falling?

Chicken Little.

We're checking with Suzuki, keep your pants on.... no news is good news!--MO

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