The First Motorcycle? Staff
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Hey all, reading the Winnetka Cycle article sparked my curiosity. the lines

"The design for the "replica" single cylinder machine is steeped in nostalgia, its lines echoing the dawn of motorcycling where a bicycle frame and a small engine merged to make vehicular history. "

Made me wonder about the beginning of it all. Was the first motorcycle a prototype design from Daimler or Benz (or both) prior to the automobile back in the 1800s? Or did it come from somewhere else? Any links or answers would be most appreciated.

Damien G

As with most things, it depends on who you believe, and how you define the terms, but we covered this a long time ago....

Vintage writing from the cursed-with-a-photographic-memory master, Dave Tharp, and a godo read at that.

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