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The other day I went out for my second ever trackday. I had been eagerly anticipating it since my first one in June went so well. As expected, during the first one I steadily built up speed over the sessions until I was dragging the peg feelers at will around every corner by the end of the day.

This time things went a little different. Out for my first session I was two and a half laps in when approaching the 90 degree left hander at the end of the main straight I locked up the front brake leading to an immediate low side.

It resulted in some pretty bruised ribs and a seriously scuffed FZR 1000 (apparently gravel traps will do that). So the question you have to ask yourself besides do you feel lucky punk, is what happened?

The options at present are:

A. Excessive rider stupidity resulting from not knowing my limits and riding above them as suggested by the trackday organizer.

B. Excessive tire wear. My BT010's had about 10,000 kms on them. The rear was pretty worn but the front still had what looked like tons of tread on it Would new skins have saved me some skin and some plastic?

C. Excessive gravitional pull resulting the allignment of Mars with other celestial bodies?

D. Fall Fever. This is the opposite of spring fever when Canadian riders realize there isn't much time left in the riding year and push the limits beyond those of normally sane individuals. While I sat there in the ER they wheeled in two other riders from the same trackday. This is an unusual phenomenon since this track and trackday organizer has had a pretty good safety record to date. If any of you MORONS with track experience could shed some light on the subject it would help me out next time. And there will be a next time.
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