If'n You Can't Beat Them...

Motorcycle.com Staff
by Motorcycle.com Staff
...Gas 'em! We don't normally acknowledge UCE and/or spam, but we just got this email from mpsracing.com about their NOS blowout sale ("Read More" for the release). And we just bought a spiffy R6 that we were going to do respectable-type reviews on -- you know, pipes, cam timing, etc. -- but, this is MO and we can't do anything normally. So, what say you MOFOs, NOS and Rolling Burnouts 101 or should we take the R6 up to our pal Chuck @Graves Motorsports and do rational mods?

Before you vote in favor of NOS, read up on -- and watch the videos -- from our other racer pal Brock Davidson. Wheelie master Jerry Jones promised to eventually do a tour to Cali and teach us standing wheelies in person, too... ...hmmm... decisions, decisions.

Here's that email from MPS Racing:

Do you want more horsepower cheap? If you do, then this months Internetspecial is right up your alley. We are offering the NOS four cylinder wetnitrous kits P/N 3-03008NOS for just $649.00. That^Òs more than 10% off ouralready low racer price. These kits come complete with everything you need toadd big horsepower to your bike. As a matter of fact I^Òll give you 10% offour racer pricing on all NOS products! To check it out go to our specials pageat: http://www.mpsracing.com/Pages/specials.htm

Get the new MPS CO2 System 7 P/N 1-0333 for a mere $149.00 this month! The MPSCO2 System 7 converts your old low-pressure air shifter system into a regulatedhigh-pressure system capable of hundreds of shifts from a smaller bottle. The7-ounce bottle is only 10.75^Ô long and 2.0^Ô diameter. The CO2 System 7 kitcomes with a 7-ounce bottle with pin valve P/N 1-0325 and a Regulator assemblyfor paintball bottles P/N 1-0329. The bottles can be filled at any paintballrefill center. Check them out at:http://www.mpsracing.com/products/MPS/as073.asp

Remember, you must mention the Internet special to get this deal. You will getthe regular price if you don't! This sale is good for the month of September,2003.

Why haven't you enrolled in the contingency program??? It's free money! Hereis the link: http://www.mpsracing.com/Pages/contingency.htm

Just in case you were dying to know who won the Tether Kill Switch Contestfor August, it was: Michelle Fosnaugh of Phoenix,AZ. Congratulations Michelle!Don't forget to enter this month at: http://www.mpsracing.com/Pages/contest.asp

We have had a great response to our new "Make It Fast" T-shirts and hats.If you haven't already seen them they are at:http://www.mpsracing.com/products/MPS/shirts.asp

Thank you for your time and good luck in 2003.

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Motorcycle.com Staff
Motorcycle.com Staff

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