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by Staff
In 1974 some SOB in the VW Microbus pulled out and stopped broadside in the road, forcing me into the ditch at 140 klicks. I sold the remains of my (Japanese Domestic model) CB 500 and haven't ridden since.

Now I want to get started again, but bikes are so much faster, and there is so much more variety in types, I'm hesitant which way to go. Of course no shop will let me test ride a new bike, so I can't compare and see what type appeals to me, let alone which brand or model.

Any advice?

Most H-D shops will let you testride a Buell, and all the OEMs have national testride fleets. Tracking them down is easy: Go to one of the major rallies such as Daytona, Sturgis or World Superbike @Laguna...

SV650s are popular, and cheap, and you could always get a new Sportster, they're reliable and fun.

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