New Triumphs

All this is by phonecon, so details need to be verified...

Two new bikes debuted at the dealer meeting in San Antonio this past weekend.

The Thruxton is a Bonneville dressed as a cafe racer. The motor has 65 more cc of grunt. It has clip-ons and high pegs.

The Rocket 3 is the new mega-cruiser. 2.2 liters, inline triple, shaft drive with a counter-rotating five-speed tranny. Looks like the picture posted on MO a week or so back. Kinda like a Bonneville and a Speed Triple had a kid, then fed it too much growth hormone. Reportedly 140+ HP, 147lb/ft at 2500 rpm, and a svelte 700 lbs.

It will be available early '04, around $17K (and up).

My beloved Sprint has no changes, except the bags are now standard equipment, and the price is the same ($9999).

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