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Ashley Hamilton
by Ashley Hamilton
So I just bought this fabulous Rose Inlay Jacket from Fox Creek Leather because I saw they're having a summer sale. I guess it's the off-season for leather coats, so they're cheaper nowadays? It's pretty rare that any MOrons kick down cash for stuff -- this place is gobbed with nice gear in for reviewing -- but I wanted a custom-order jacket, and can't decide on which color rose inlay to get: black, purple or red.

Fox Creek makes lotsa coats for girls, bet you didn't know that? So I'm here to say that all you bikerboyz out there should quit buying fancy new stuff for yourself and get your "old lady" something -- maybe she'll ride with you more then! There doesn't seem to be much out there in fitted women's clothes...

H-D makes some, I have a spiffy Marsee mesh jacket that fits really well, and a nice Miline coat cut for women that also fits well and lastly a Fox Creek Vented Racing Jacket. Not to spoil the upcoming product review -- which is moot as I can't decide which I like best -- but, while they all fit well, none have that really fitted (that means tight waistline, as in, no boy-beer-gut-cut to the jacket) feel. So I custom-orded a Rose Inlay. My first custom-made jacket! Who-hoo!

Who else makes custom/specific stuff for women? Surely, Bates Leathers (which is owned by the sisters Grindle, hence, if you want to custom-order, say, a pink coat, they'll applaud you instead of grimacing) does... but I think we're going to get custom-embroidered Motorcycle.Com jackets from Marsee made out of their Force Five Ballistic Jacket. Black, with off-white MO lettering.

Anyway, enough rambling, and if you know of any chick biker products (don't even think of posting links to arm chaps! ;-) let me know, as I've gotten a couple calls this week from (female) industry veterans looking for work, so maybe we'll find extra stuff to review. Tough times, economically...

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Ashley Hamilton
Ashley Hamilton

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