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Motorcycle Daily has online the european press information about the new Fazer 600. Beyond being a sweet ride, there are some really COOL technological innovations (summarized below). I'm going to write a letter myself to Yamaha's US Headquarters urging that they bring this brilliant bike here. It looks like it would be superior to the SV as a general purpose bike, and give VFRs a real run-for-the-money in the "do anything" department.

Note that this was also discussed on July 17th, 2003 --MO

Onto the innovations:

The frame is entirely a two piece affair, the left side and the right side, which are BOLTED together at the tripple-clamp. Yes, no welds at all in the frame. Which makes it stiffer, lighter, and cheaper.

The engine is a returned R6 engine, and claims 98 hp at the crank. So it should be about 10 hp down at the high end when compared with the R6, but probably higher on the low end. The bottom-end of the engine is the same, the changes are just on the top-end (cam profile, valve springs, air inlet, fuel injection).

The handlebars move 70 degrees! lock-to-lock. No ducati "10-pt-turns" in the parking lot.

The underseat exhaust includes a catalytic converter in the vertical section, and air injection. It probably would breeze through Carb 2008 without breaking a sweat. It's a 4 into 2 into 1 exhaust, with 2 holes in the back.

THe breaks are dual 298mm disks.

The latest trend seems to be "Circle digital tach with speedo in the center" guages, which the Fazer 600 is no exception.

5 gallon gastank, 410 lbs dry weight.

If it is priced like teh old Fazer 600, its roughly the same cost as an SV650.

Compared to the SV, it weighs a little more (~40 lbs), has a slightly bigger tank, a much more significant engine, and much more comfort (both models use the same upright seating position and large banana seat).

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