Upgrading GSXR 750 '03 Tires? What to Buy

Motorcycle.com Staff
by Motorcycle.com Staff
I recently purchased a GSXR 750 '03 and I think the tires stink, I primarily ride on regular streets and highways. I know the MO experts have probably encounter the same thing with the stock Suzuki tires, what upgraded tires do you recommend?


A frequent question, and a good one...

Not sure where you are, so we're not sure what OEM tires your bike came with. A wild guess: you've got a USA-spec bike with Bridgestones, probably 011/012s (which is what the US-spec 1000s are supposed to have, albiet with a 190 rear instead of the 750s 180), actually a pretty good tire. They might seem squirrelly, but that's because the bike makes a truckload of torque AND horsepower, which makes tires' carcasses deflect and thus, feel "vague," "squishy" or "imprecise." You'd be squishy too trying to deal with the amounts of accelerations the GSX-R750 can dish out.

The hot setup as of mid-2003 is definitely in the Pirelli camp, check the Diablo line (California State racing champ Sean Alexander's choice), or, Michelin's Pilot Sports have been a recent fave too. Avoid Dunlop D20* street tires, they're our perenial least-favorite. Even cruiser-guy EBass noticed how slippery they are on sportbikes. Choose between sporting street tires and full-race DOT-legals based on your desires for grip Vs. longevity, but you'd be surprised how long modern (and costly!) race-spec tires last -- surprisingly well. If you can afford it, go for the racing DOT models -- it's the best single improvement you can make to your bike.

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Motorcycle.com Staff
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