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by Staff
'Ole Henry sure is enamored of his 'ole Beemers, eh? However, unlike that other old thing many of us have left around and costing money -- ex-wives -- they've steadfastly stood by him through the years, so we can see why he feels thusly...

Just kidding, MOFOs. It's a cool story and Henry put a lot of effort into it, so kudos to him for pouring his soul out on MO. Well done, mate! (FYI, Henry waffles between Australia and the UK. He's quite the jet-setter.)

Gotta say, though, the English version of English doesn't seem to jibe much with Amercian English. Kinda cool how divergent the cultures are, but everyone knows America rules and surely no one doubts that LA is the center of the known (biking) universe, right? Did we not invent arm chaps, we proffer as proof?

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