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My wife and I love to take long rides together. We have a pair of 2000 HD Superglides and take long trips once a year and 100-200 mile trips a couple of times a month. I have been in the market for motorcycle communicators for a very long time. Something that gives great bike to bike communication as well as the capability to have personal cd or mp3 players attached. I would be willing to pay a hefty price for something that works EXCEPTIONALLY well.

We have tried Collett Communicators with mixed results. I have found a couple of manufacturers from oversees and was wondering how well they worked or if any companies in the states can compare. Information is really hard to come by, especially real world experience, some people say a certain product is great, other say it is junk. If I am willing to pay on oversees company a bunch of money I am taking a big risk if it does not work. Does anyone really have good test data on high end communicators? Don't motorcycle police need to have good communication devices?

Areas of interest I have found:

Noise reduction
VOX-voice operated transmission quality
FRS/GMRS vs. 900 Mhz vs. 49 Mhz frequency
Push to talk buttons
Helmet mounted vs. bike mounted
battery (rechargable) vs. bike powered
Portability vs. permenat mounting
BMW and Gold Wing compatibiltiy (not a concern of mine)
Cell Phone compatibility (not a concern of mine)
Ease of Installation
Intercoms for bike passengers (not a concern of mine)

Mike Luka

We've used Chatterboxes with okay results, not great, but they do work fairly well within range. That was four or five years ago, though, they must've improved by now. Goldwings have great adapability for intercoms, but you usually need to wear open-face helmets. Not a problem on 'Wings with the ample windshield... Is getting good capabilities wired into a full-face helmet a concern of yours? If so, the Chatterbox has lots of fans online, but we haven't done a comparison of communicators, so we'll have to defer to the general readership for impressions...

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