Looking for an 'interesting' Daily-rider

Motorcycle.com Staff
by Motorcycle.com Staff
So what's a guy to do....?

I'm looking for input on what you guys think would make a good every day bike. You know, something you can ride to work every day and still enjoy on your days off.

The bike I'm looking to replace is a '00 Triumph Sprint RS....

After 40k miles, I've enjoyed it but it's time to move on. I heavily favor the europeans just for the fact I don't see myself on every corner, plus in the CA Bay area, support for any brand isn't a problem.

I rode a Tuono last week and frankly didn't come away that impressed. I'm planning to look at a Falco this week as it should be better suited to my needs. I'm also wondering if I could modifiy something like a Daytona 955i to be more comfortable on the highway.

I need something with decent wind protection, good comfort, that can handle soft bags. Most of my riding is work-related, that means 80-90 mph on the freeways for an hour or more at a time. With the addition of a higher screen and bars, can a sport bike like the Daytona or Falco (Mille?) be a good commuter?
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Motorcycle.com Staff
Motorcycle.com Staff

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