Worthwhile Suspension Mods??

This is not a story but a question.

What would be the most worthwhile suspension mods?

I have just participate in my second trackday on my 2000 R1 and I'm starting to think about suspension/wheel/tire upgrades, and I am hoping to get a few educated comments about what to do next. The suspension seems to be working OK at the moment (I'm reaching the limits of street compound Pilot Sports, scraping both pegs and spinning up the rear out of a corner or two) but I'm thinking that with some race compound tires I may run into suspension limitations. Some of the turns at BIR are a bit bumpy, and properly adjusted suspension with the right springs for my weight would (I think) give me more confidence going into the ultra-fast turn one and two. The R1 also apparently has a way-too-soft rear spring and coming out of turns the rear really sits down compared to other bikes.

What is the general opinion for RaceTech'ing my stock forks vs. Ohlins R&T forks? Any suggestions for the shock (RaceTech treatment, Fox, Penske, Ohlins?) Would getting a set of magnesium wheels be worthwhile for the newer trackday rider (although I've been told I'm going pretty fast for my second time out.) Please fire away with the advice.
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