Any MOrons Goin' to Sturgis?

Eric Bass
by Eric Bass
Feel free to use this post to make contact, arrange get togethers, barter spouses for poorly crafted leather goods, whatever.

Oh and by the way, if any of you shoot some good photos, video, and/or wanna write a lil' story about the shindig, just lemme know and we might make you an official MOtojournalist.

Here's a photo hint: When doing portraiture of the female form, for best results, aim your lens beneath the chin, and above the navel. Don't worry if the shot is "overexposed", that's what those little black bars are for.

Here's another photo hint: When doing portraiture of the male form, stop what you're doing and go find a female form, ya' nimrod. Geez, some people!
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Eric Bass
Eric Bass

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