Greetings From Under the Equator!

Fellow MOrons,

After more than one year reading the "free stuff" and drooling on the keyboards I have now taken the plunge and gone subscription as well.

Boy, how I wish I had done this one year ago!

I write from Sao Paulo, Brazil (down in sunny South America) and am a proud owner of a Yamaha little cruiser (the XV 535 S virago).

Any brother who is considering a trip down south and would like some reference, tips or help, PLEASE WRITE.

Also - I have tried many times but have never found anyone in the CHAT rooms. What's the matter??? Is there anything better than chating with friends about bikes at the end of a weekend or a busy day at work??

Well guys, this is really a quick note to acknowledge to all of you how nice it was to find in the cyberdeserts.

Look forward to being with you all for a long time...

Best regards,

M Cruz
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