Beemers, Brats & Buzglyd? Staff
by Staff
MOFO buzglyd was also at the Beemer Bash. Here is his take:

An Italian Sausage in a Sea of Bratwurst

By buzglyd

"I've been on Harley Poker runs that were wilder than this." That'show BMW riding friend and wingman Brian described the beer and dancingportion of BMW's 80th anniversary rally held in Lake Tahoe June 27-29.

For us it was really the rally that wasn't. Due to some businesscommitments in Colorado, I couldn't leave until Saturday morning. Wemet at a gas station off of I-15 in San Diego and proceeded northboundconnecting to 395 on up to Carson City; Brian on his R1100RT and Iwas on my trusty Ducati ST4. I figured my '03 Geezer-glide would be aswell received as a turd in a punchbowl, so for this Euro-spec event,the Duc was the ride of choice.

After 550 miles of riding and 10 hours, we get stopped five miles short ofour condo and the headquarters of the event by a car accident. I listenedin vain to phone messages from EBass inviting me to get together for aride. I was trapped short and had nothing but my cold beer to consoleme. We finally arrived to see about 10 duffers dancing to a band playing80s hits. I hooked up with EBass, who looked so distraught due to lackof gratuitous babe photos, he couldn't even drink beer. Brian, Ebassand I sat and chatted while gazing out over the empty compound.

On the bright side, BMW guys may not be partiers but they are definitelyriders. BMWs were everywhere, criss-crossing the scenic mountain roadsaround Lake Tahoe. Sunday, Brian and I took a trip around highway 49through Downieville. The riding, weather and scenery were sublime aswe took in some of California's gold mining country. Two hundred miles later wereturned to Squaw Valley at 3 PM to find the event over. Ha! We missedthe whole thing. No vendors, no museum, no test rides. We had spent toomuch time riding.

For our return home we decided to take I-80 to I-5 to avoid the heat of395. 645 miles of tire-squaring-off meant for a really long day. Threedays, 1400 miles and I didn't even get a t-shirt! We were enjoyingourselves too much to do anything but ride.

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