Young Timothy Strikes Again! Staff
by Staff
By Timothy Busch

Hey MORons, could I post somethin about how my stupid hotmail jacked with my MOtard replies to my first plea for help? I lost about six or sevenof them, and nobody wrote me back today. I would be more patient, but one- I'm a kid, I don't have patience, andtwo- I'm jettin' in two-to-three days.

If you sent me an email, sent please resend it, because my stupid hotmail put it all in my junkmail box, then somehow deleted it before I got a chance to reply to them all. Thank you.

Ah, to be young, stupid and proud of it again! Eager Tim is heading out to MO for a summer internship, and he's already off to fine, 19-year-old-like stary, would you say, MOFOs?

Tim's riding from Kansas to Los Angeles and wanted to meet up with some MOFOs on the the way to try and get into some trouble, thus, he was asking for volunteers to meet up with him. If you're willing, please try and keep the lad out of jail...

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