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Fellow MOites,

I recently purchased a '03 VFR with ABS and bags. I have been very happy with this motorcycle, but the other day on my way home from work, one of the bags fell off and is lost forever in the Minnesota River Valley (maybe even the river). I am 100% certain that I had the bag properly installed. Upon further inspection of the other bag I notices that a snap ring was missing on the part that held the bag shut. This doesn't affect the part that holds the bag on, but, THERE ARE SNAP RINGS JUST LIKE THIS ON THE MECHANISM THAT HOLDS THE BAG ONTO THE MOUNTS! My position is that since there is a quality/assembly problem with one bag, it is very possible that there was a problem with the other. Honda claims that because I cannot prove there was a problem with the lost bag (believe me, I looked for it), it is not their responsibility to rectify this situation. Is there anything I can do about this. What ever happened to good old customer service e.g. "the customer is always right". I guess it's kind of like "innocent untill proven guilty". If anyone can help I will be eternally thankful (I know, its weak, but it's all I got)

Thanks again, Andy

We've never ridden an '03 VFR with factory bags, but have put lotsa miles on other Hondas with OEM stuffsacks without problem. That said, has anyone else had these problems on VFRs?

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