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Tim Busch
by Tim Busch
Yo, calling all MOrons that live in or around: I-70 through Kansas- Denver, Colorado Springs, Pueblo, Grand Junction or Boulder CO- Moab, Cedar City or I-70 through Utah- around Las Vegas- or the Death Valley area.

My name is Tim Busch, I'm a 19-year-old punk college kid with an insatiable addiction to all things moto, no summer engineering classes to go to, and the super-duper-dandy (and somewhat randy, I might add) folks @ MO are letting little ol' me do a touring article for them, so I'm going from Kansas City, MO to L.A. on my SVS, to finally meet my idol and lifelong hero, the indomitable John Burns!

Okay,, so they offered me an internship and I took it hook, line and freakin' sinker (motorcycle journalism IS my dream job, doncha know), but I still look foward to meeting all the crazy people that make MO happen.

Anyhow, if anybody along my route wants to meet up with me and get in a little trouble or maybe shoot some twisties (or just shoot the poop) I'll be lookin' for as much adventure as I can find, and by god, if nobody wants to help me, I'll just have to find it myself!

I'll be leaving for my trip on the 27th or 28th (yep, thats this week, hurry up!), and plan on dragging it out into about 4-5 days, so I've got plenty of time and not that much ground to cover.

I look foward to meeting some fellow MOfos, preferrably higly opinionated, colorful ones, that know some neat places to ride and know how to have fun:).

Email Tim if you can help a fella out!

BTW, if you want me to come your way, please just e-mail me directly rather than post all your info, thanks.

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Tim Busch
Tim Busch

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