VFR/Futura Question

I am interested in your opinion about the Futura vs. the Honda VFR. I am 6'3 and 240 pounds. Everything I see and my own seat time on the Futura (in the shop only, bummer) says that the Futura is great, even stock, for my size. The VFR costs $2500 less, and Honda is famous for reliability. I sat on it in the shop and it seems smaller, but the specs are similar.

Does the Honda ride well for those of us big guys? How does Aprilia stack up for reliability?

I ride a 20 - 80 miles on weekend days through twisty roads in Maryland and West VA. I commute to work sometimes on the bike. I also take a 4-7 day 2K - 3K mile trip every year, so comfort and reliability are key. I already missed the deadline for the FJ but am on a few wait lists if anyone cancels their order.
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