Open Letter From Pastrana

This was a letter from Travis explaining the circumstances of his accident:

An Open Letter From Travis Pastrana
In the past month, without a set training schedule and without the excitement of racing, I have been waking up in the middle of the night to go drive my car. I understand now what an idiot I have been, but at the time I didn't see the harm in driving fast on country roads that were desolate for miles on end. Every night I drove the same loop well shy of the speeds the car was capable, driving the speed limit through the few residential areas and never going out of my lane. It seemed impossible to me that I could ever be in a position to hurt someone, but I should have known better and for this I am sorry.

My friends drove to my house late one night (they came in to stay with me for the week leading up to Budds Creek National, which is close to my house). They got me out of bed, and I made the huge mistake of not only deciding to drive, but also asking them if someone wanted to race around with me. It was the biggest mistake of my life, but everyone was so excited to drive around the country roads, it just didn't seem wrong at the time.

It was late but not late enough, as we passed a car about every five miles. On one abnormally long straightaway there is a hill that allows the car to come off the ground if you go fast enough. I was taking it extra cautious in the corners but didn't comprehend that something could go wrong on a straightaway. A deer jumped out of the woods and I panicked, jerking the steering wheel to the oncoming lane and getting the car unstable. Right then I saw car lights coming over the hill. I yanked back into my lane as we crested the rise. The car wasn't in much of a slide, but I had no control to correct the swap, as the tires were not on the ground.

We were in the woods before I knew what had happened, and my friend is still in the hospital because I drove too fast. I never thought it would happen and still can't believe it did, but I have never been more sorry in my entire life. Matt is a good friend and a great person. If you have any beliefs I hope that you will keep him in your prayers.

Everyone told me not to write a statement, but for those who care to know, I want them to know the truth. Matt is a great person, we weren't partying, we don't drink, we were out so late because I enjoyed driving, and nothing more. I have never felt as sad or ashamed at any time in my life as I do right now. Thanks for taking the time to read this.


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