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After riding to Lake George N.Y. for Americade in the rain, I decided my 10+ year old rainsuit had to be retired. So I bought a 2 piece Frogg Toggs rainsuit down at the Tourexpo trade show.

The suit is as funny looking as the name. But everyone I talked to a few wearing these suits were impressed.

They are made of a lightweight , material that reminds me the stuff those white suits that the Hazmet teams wears are made of. It is waterproof , breathable and tearproof. There was a sample of the material at the stand at the trade show and they ask people to try to tear it. I saw none that could. The suit worked well behind the fairing of my ST1100 , but I don't know how it would work on a naked bike.Its windflaps are secured by snaps and not velcro, which would seal better in the wind blast of a unfaired bike.

They come an large assortment of sizes to fit everone up to the Michelin man. They are roomy and easily put on or off. The 2 peice suit I have cost around $60.

Frogg Toggs have been used in the hiking world with great success, they're light, supple and waterproof. Check out a review at Backpacking.Net --MO

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