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From a press release issued by the AMA:


PICKERINGTON, OHIO -- The American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) has learned that the CBS News program "60 Minutes II" is expected to air a report about "extreme motorcycle competition" on Wednesday, June 4 at 9:00 p.m. ET.

As the AMA reported in November, a CBS News producer first contacted the AMA in late September, claiming to be working on a "balanced, fair, and accurate" segment about "the growth, success, and excitement" of AMA Supercross. The AMA cooperated fully, supplying rulebooks and other background information. Tom Lindsay, the AMA's Public Information Director, had two lengthy telephone conversations with the producer -- who admitted to knowing little about the sport -- to help him gain a working knowledge of AMA competition. The AMA declined his invitation for an on-camera interview.

Since then, the AMA has learned that "60 Minutes II" has contacted numerous others in the industry, including promoters, publishers and competitors. Sources have told the AMA that these inquiries have focused largely on injuries. The AMA also has become aware of reports that CBS News crews attended a number of events, not all of which were AMA-sanctioned, solely to document accidents and injuries, even videotaping a physician performing surgery on a motocross competitor.

"We hope that reports of the program's singular focus on injuries turn out to be untrue," said the AMA's Lindsay. "Because injuries are a part of any sport, at any level, we recognize that this aspect of motorcycle competition may be addressed in the report, but any mention of injuries would be incomplete without acknowledging AMA Pro Racing's commitment to safety and the specific steps it has taken in this area."

"We're confident that we've provided '60 Minutes II' with all the information necessary to portray AMA competition accurately," Lindsay continued, "and we're comfortable with our decision to decline the producer's request for an on-camera interview."

After the "60 Minutes II" report airs, the AMA will post its reaction on its website,
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