Imola Track Facts

Brent Avis
by Brent Avis
Superbike racers make their debut on the Santerno circuit, Sunday's arena forthe final round of the 2001 Championship.

Imola will be hosting the final round of the 2001 season and the debutof World Superbike racing on the track named after Enzo and Dino Ferrari. But if onetakes a closer look at the annals of motorcycling history, Sunday's meeting could be termed a return to the "origins" of the sport...

Indeed, what might be considered as the forerunners of Superbike made theirfirst appearance here on 23 April 1972: the historical 200 Miles ofImola. Some of the legendary names of motorcycling appeared in thatmemorable event: Paul Smart, Bruno Spaggiari and Walter Villa.

"Modern" Superbikes have come to Imola after a long and hard-foughtseason. The 2001 title has already been awarded, but Sunday is stillsure to offer a great show.

The track: 4,933 metres - 10 left curves - 6 right curves - 358-metrefinishing straight.

Unofficial timings during the July tests:1st Edwards (Honda) 1'49.422nd Laconi (Virgilio Aprilia Axo) 1'49.703rd Okada (Honda) 1'49.724th Corser (Virgilio Aprilia Axo) 1'49.935th Bostrom (Ducati) 1'50.346th Bayliss (Ducati) 1'50.527th Antonello (Virgilio Aprilia Axo) 1'50.998th Lavilla (Kawasaki) 1'51.209th Yanagawa (Kawasaki) 1'51,3010th Martin (Ducati) 1'51,8611th Parkes (Ducati) 1'52.49.World Superbike championship points after 12 of 13 rounds:1 Troy Bayliss, Australia (Ducati) 3692 Colin Edwards, USA (Castrol Honda) 3173 Ben Bostrom, USA (Ducati) 2864 Troy Corser, Australia (Aprilia) 2645 Neil Hodgson, GB (Ducati) 2546 Pier-Francesco Chili, Italy (Suzuki) 2257 Ruben Xaus, Spain (Ducati) 1918 Akira Yanagawa, Japan (Kawasaki) 1709 Tady Okada, Japan (Castrol Honda) 14910 Gregorio Lavilla, Spain (Kawasaki) 147
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