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John P Burns
by John P Burns
Posted on Amazon, re: "Superbikes of the Seventies":

The Righteous and the Damned, October 28, 2002Reviewer: The Highwayman from parts unknownMotorcyclists are known by the machines they ride. And men are known by the company they keep.

These veritable truths account for why Harley men keep to their own kind on the open road.Whether on reconnaissance in local territories, carrying the flag from coast to coast in awell-regulated convoy or striking a daring posse deep into the uncharted badlands, Harley menplace their trust and confidence in other men of robust character and proven substance. Men whocan be counted on through good times and bad. Men who never surrender, and don't take prisoners.Stout and hearty men who sit proud and righteous in the saddle. Men who make up theHarley-Davidson brethren.

There's no place here for anyone looking for a false way in and an easyway out. There's no place for men or bikes that by artifice are heretoday but by expediency will be gone tomorrow. There's no place forthose who pledge allegiance to far-eastern feudalism by riding Asianatrocity cycles slammed together in some godforsaken land. There's noplace for the sniveling lisp and depraved cowardice of atrociteurs whowould make a slobbering mockery of real American motorcycling.

That leaves the atrociteurs off on their own, with a facade of pose andpretense, and a despair of resentment and bitterness. Taking the badgesof vulgarity off their throwaway contraptions out of shame, but leavinga space as blank as their empty souls. Carrying on with a sham travestyof brotherhood that's nothing but a hollow charade. Pretending to bethe real deal but fooling nobody.

Not ordinary American folk, who are comforted that all is well on the homefront only when they see genuine Harleys lead their Fourth of July paradesdown the Main Streets of America. Not womenfolk, who by intuition know thedeep rumble of the mighty Big Twin as the unmistakable confirmation thatreal men are in command of the nation's destiny. Not even youngsters, whohave a keen sense of authentic role models and clearly know the differencebetween a real American motorcycle and some knock-off in tin and plastic.

There's a fork early on in the road for every motorcyclist in America,with paths going off in opposite directions. A life membership in thebrotherhood of righteousness is part of the authentic Harley-Davidsonexperience. A life sentence among the damned is reserved for theatrociteurs.

Choose carefully, 'cause there's no turnin' back.


They call me . . . The Highwayman

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