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Virtual Cycles’ 3D Chop Shop is a software application that enables motorcycle enthusiasts, shop owners, and dealers to configure motorcycles with numerous parts, accessories, and paint patterns right on a PC.

Motorcyclists can use 3D Chop Shop to see the bike of their dreams in minutes before actually buying expensive parts and accessories. Dealers can use the application in their shops or showrooms to increase sales and open new marketing channels by showing customers new parts and paint installed on a bike in full rendered 3D.

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“Chop Shop takes much of the guesswork out of the customization process for motorcycle enthusiasts. For dealers and shops, the bottom line is increasing add-on sales and providing better customer service,” says Virtual Cycles’ CEO, Michael Day, who has spent nearly three years developing the product. The features in 3D Chop Shop include complete 3D viewing of the motorcycle models—in real-time—and a database of parts and accessories that can be added to the bikes easily and in all combinations.

“I guarantee that a few minutes using Chop Shop will change the way you see customizing a motorcycle,” says Day. “The customizing process doesn’t have to be limited to flipping through countless catalogs and magazines and then guessing what the final product will look like—after trying this software, you’ll see that your imagination can be turned into a color picture on your computer screen.”

The software was designed to allow even the non-computer user to design an imaginative custom bike quickly and easily. Every aspect of 3D Chop Shop is point and click, and all it takes is a few minutes to learn how to use.

Among the features aimed at helping you customize each motorcycle are the ability to zoom in on selected areas, change camera views at will, and select from hundreds of part and accessory options. Looking to paint your bike or show your customers custom artwork? 3D Chop Shop 2.0 has an advanced paint system that lets you work with patterns, gradients, or import your own graphics that can be used to paint the gas tank and fenders. 3D Chop Shop really lets you roll up your sleeves and assemble your perfect motorcycle—even if it is only on your computer!

3D Chop Shop is available to consumers for $79.95, and can be purchased at www.virtual-cycles.com. In addition, Virtual Cycles is offering shops and dealers a program that will allow them to license the software in order to increase sales and add to their existing marketing strategies.

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