Not Enough ''Highwayman'' Posts for Ya'?

Eric Bass
by Eric Bass
Larry Scerri wrote in with a link to his Biker Poetry site.

Hopefully this will tide y'all over until MO's resident poet laureate comes rumbling back into our quaint little cyber-town to kick all our atrociteur asses with a studded, black leather tassled two by four, or whatever he's metaphorically packing these days.

Larry says:

"I wish to extend a personal invitation to view my website of original Biker Poetry.

It's an ongoing compilation of material drawn from thirty years of riding.

Recipient of the 2002 / 2003 Golden Web Awards, selected material has been featured in Ron Galletti's 'Born To Ride' television program originating from Florida, 'Russ Manke's 'Biker TV,' (Milwaukee, Wisconsin), 'Steel Horse Biker TV', (Indianapolis), in addition to regular contributions within 'Full Throttle Magazine', (Southern California, New England as well as Texas), respectively, 'Arizona Rider' and 'Thunder Roads' publications as well as, and regular featured editorials within and Sierra Scooter Scoop.

It's insight not commonly shared by new riders, let alone the general public."


Laurence P. Scerri (Larry)

The Ironhorse Writer
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Eric Bass
Eric Bass

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