MO Makes the ONION. We're (in)famous! Woohoo! Staff
by Staff
MORidian dmensch pointed out that:

MO -- now over nine years old and the longest continually-running content site in the world -- has been featured in TV, print, radio, everywhere and anywhere, but yesterday was the crowning acheivement: Our (well, really, you MOFO's) inane and copious forums here have made the ONION! That's right, that bastion of truth, democracy and the only publication in the world that can arguable top MO for pointlessness! How cool, eh? We're stoked: we've finally made it!

The sad part is much of this coolness has to unfortunately be attributed to our most loved/hated MOFOs KPaul and {cringe} TheHighwayman. That's just wrong. Suddenly sad, we're going riding...

Update 1:08 PST: Hold on there MOFOs, we really are stoked that we made the ONION -- it's totally cool, we love that mag. So, chill.

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