FIM Suggests Rule Change Needed Staff
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In a surprise press release issued May 21, 2003, the FIM has strongly asserted that it, rather than SBK (World Superbike promoter) or Dorna (MotoGP promoter) has final authority to impose the rules for the sport.

"...the FIM has never abdicated or sold its right to establish the rules of the game; it has not done it nor could do it. Whenever the FIM intervenes in changing the rules it is done in the interest of everybody, though it may be seen to favour one or the other party...."

Of particular interest is the suggestion that WSB rules should more closely emulate the approach used by AMA and British Superbike.

"In this respect, the FIM will gather very shortly together the manufacturers and promoters concerned (Grand Prix and Superbike) for a brainstorming in order to discuss the new rules that will run the two Championships, bearing in mind the technological evolution but also, and principally, the safety aspects.

Superbike rules must be more simple and less expensive, like the Superbike rules in force in the United States, Japan or Great Britain."

Maybe the end of the confusing and unloved restrictor rules?

You can read the full text of the release at
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