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John P Burns
by John P Burns
*Press Release* Prices SLASHED!!!:

FASTRACK RIDERS ASSC. announces significant price reductions!

** Yes, ladies and gentlemen, you asked for it and FRA has responded! You said you wanted lower prices and now you can ride California Speedway's Infield Course or AMA Track for less than it cost you to drive to a farther away track! No frills! No water! No lunches provided! No secondambulance! No supplemental insurance at Willow Springs events!

1. California Speedway AMA Track reduced to $199.00 for May 24th & 25th and only $189 for Friday May 23rd .

2. California Speedway Infield Track reduced to $149.00 for Monday events!** $159 for weekendevents!

3. Streets of Willow reduced to $119.00!**

4. Big Willow reduced to $129.00!**

5. Barber Motorsports lowered to $225.00!**

6. Extra Bike only $20.00

7. Extra Group only $25.00

8. Safety School only $50.00 for May events.

9. Post Registration fee only $25.00

10. Service Fee reduced to $50.00

11. No Gate Fee @ California Speedway!

How'd we do it?

Our surveys you filled out told us this is what you wanted. The average rider has stated "price" is their most important concern in doing track days. FRA was able to reduce our prices by eliminating some of the frills such as lunch and water. We are also now using local track insurance when possible, as well as eliminating the extra ambulance we had at most of our events.

In addition, we will have less staff which again reduces cost. We will not reduce cost in areas of safety as we still have the doctor, complete fire and safety crews at Cal. Speedway, and a full contingent of corner workers to properly monitor conditions on the track at all FRA events.

New Track Rider Concerns?: If a rider has never been to a track day before it can become an intimidating thing in their mind considering all the pros and cons.

FACT # 1 It is significantly safer to ride on a race track in a controlled environment than it is to ride in the canyons.
* controls groups sizes so a rider does not feel crowded or intimidated,
* has three different groups for various skill levels and pace of riders,
* does not tolerate unsafe riding and/or passing, and
* really has one of the track day industrie's best Safety Schools to help a rider make that transition.

FACT # 2 Even though we are riding on a race track, we are not racing so a rider can ride at a pace they feel comfortable maintaining and not feel intimidated to go faster than they care to ride. As a rider's skills develop, their pace will as well.

FACT #3 Once a rider has ridden on the track, they are a better and safer rider on the street!

FACT #4 If a rider does not have a proper riding suit, FRA rents high-quality Vanson Leathers so they are properly protected while riding on the track. Only $65.00 per day, but these must be reserved in advance!

FACT # 5 Never worry at the track about holding other riders up as it is the responsibility of a faster rider behind you to get around you.

NOW! What track day company offers more than FASTRACK RIDERS ASSOCIATION?

* FRA never compromises on safety!
* FRA always runs safe and organized events delivering more track time and mileage in a day than any one else!
* FRA has a group for all skill levels of riders from the beginning track rider to the
well-seasoned racer without mixing too many riders of varied skill levels together which is dangerous!
* FRA limits group sizes to assure each rider has a good day and does not feel crowded!
* FRA stages more events on more tracks!
* FRA is offering the most value for the money on the safest track in Southern California:
California Speedway.
* FRA always runs a full contingent of corner workers at every event which many companies do not. No other track day company offers more!


3 & U R FREE Program: "3 & U R Free!" program:

1. Bring three new customers to an FRA event, and you get to RIDE FOR FREE!

2. Bring two new riders and receive a 50% discount!

3. Bring one new rider to an FRA event and receive a 25% discount!

A new rider or customer is anyone who has never ridden with FRA before, and is not in our database.

3 & U R Free participants must call in and register verses on line registration. Don't forget that we offer top quality Vanson Leathers for rent for only $65.00 per day for riders that donot have proper riding suits, so now your street-riding buddies don't have any more excuses! The suits must be reserved in advance of an event!

This is a great way for you to introduce a friend to the "Track Day" experience, with you there to assist them with the process.


New Group Rotations Limited to 3:

FRA changes format to three group rotations:

FRA will run three groups consisting of Level I, Level II, & Level III. This will mean more track time for each rider! Level I allows minimal passing, Level II allows passing on the outside only any place on the track, and Level III allows passing inside or outside at all points on the track. Again, FRA's 2003 policy is limited group sizes to prevent crowded riding groups.


NEW More User-Friendly Return Policy:

FRA announces user friendly returns policy:

This is the most "user friendly" return policy of any track day organization. We checked out the policies of over ten track day companies and found that FRA's is the best in terms of processing fees, time frame for cancellations, and carry over credit options! Like all track day companies, we have to use a "rain or shine" policy, as we are all obligated to pay for the track rental no matter the weather conditions.


Fastrack Riders Association reserves the right to change policy without notice. Credits will be issued to riders canceling 72 hours in advance of an event minus a $50.00 processing fee. The credits will be issued within fifteen days after conclusion of the event registered for. Any rider that cancels after the 72 hour time frame has expired will receive a carry-over credit good for ninety (90) days minus a $50.00 processing fee to be used at a future event. A $25.00 post registration fee is charged for riders not registering 48 hours before an event or event weekend. FRA requires a non-refundable $50 security deposit for will-call riders. FASTRACK RIDERS ASSC. has a "Rain or Shine" policy meaning we do not cancel events do to rain or wind.

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