LIExtreme Announces New Documentary

Sean Alexander
by Sean Alexander
Chrome out your "gixxer" smash the tank down flat, put on your *Bling*Bling* and get ready to chill with da Boyz from LIExtreme. Just when you thought it was safe to go back out on the post-Biker Boyz street, it looks like we'll have to revert the feedback buttons to "Talk Some Smack" and "Smack Back"

*PREZ RELEAZE* LIExtreme Announces New Video Documentary

Lindenhurst, NY ~ What do you get when you combine Platinum selling hip-hop recording artists, extreme sports, and a more than healthy amount of adrenaline? LIExtreme. Add several beautiful women and you have LIExtreme's new documentary.

Video trailer: liextremetrailer.mpg

Director Greg Filipkowski's newest film explores the underground culture of extreme sports on both land and water, including motorcycle and quad tricks, low riders, dangerously fast cars and boats, planes and more. Mr. Filipkowski captures average people, not professionals or stuntmen, engaging in literally death defying activities. Amazingly, most of the stunts take place on public streets.

The clean, crisp editing makes the most of Mr. Filipkowski's multiple camera angles, including well placed and very securely fastened mini-cameras. In just over 90 minutes the film brings to us, the viewer, the adrenaline rush each of these modern street athletes feels as they push their weapon of choice to the absolute brink of disaster.

The all-original sound track that ties this film together might just be the best you will ever hear. It will get your heart beating as surely as Mr. Filipkowski's intense visuals do. Multiple gold record artist Parrish Smith of EPMD throws down the gauntlet for the other featured performers with an all-new recording from the Hit Squad studio and a live free style improv with Skript. Skript keeps the pressure on with a solo effort that serves notice he has arrived.

Jason Camiolo of Fuzzbubble, whose song "Out There" broke through on the Godzilla soundtrack and who performed "All About The Benjamins" for the eponymous soundtrack, delivers several outstanding original songs that are strong enough to stand on their own. But when combined with the film's radical subject matter, they are nothing short of breathtaking. Not to be out done, Bronx based Boricuan artists Tha Riot lay it on the line with a brand new track that muscles its way into your head and wants to stay there.

The DVD packs more in its extras section alone than most do in their entire package. Included are an original music video, deleted scenes, bloopers, and most interesting, two interactive multi-angle stunt sequences. For these two stunts the intensity level is taken up another notch. The viewer has full control of the camera angle by using the angle buttons on their DVD player, blasting the action across the screen from three distinct perspectives.

LIExtreme embraces this sub-culture of freedom and excitement, and through it we each get to know the powerful feeling that comes from owning the road. For a little while anyway.

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