History Made in Atlanta

MILWAUKEE, WIS. - (May 4, 2003) It was another history making weekend for the Screamin' Eagle/Vance & Hines drag racing team as both riders qualified their V-Rod bikes for the NHRA Pro Stock Bike Summit Southern Nationals at Atlanta, Ga. Both riders went on to win their first round runs on Sunday, setting new NHRA records for V-Twin performance in the process.

Screamin' Eagle/Vance & Hines V-Rod rider Andrew Hines qualified 5th with a new V-Twin record run of 7.214 seconds/185.43 mph. That run bumped Suzuki-mounted Craig Treble from the field for the first time in his 58-event career. It was another testament to the competitiveness of the NHRA’s Pro Stock Bike class, where more riders went home after qualifying than made the 16-bike field, as 34 riders attempted to make the Sunday show. Screamin’ Eagle/Vance & Hines V-Rod rider GT Tonglet qualified 8th with a best run of 7.234 seconds/183.234 mph.

GT Tonglet won his first round against ninth-ranked John Smith aboard a Kawasaki. Smith red-lighted, but Tonglet and his V-Rod would have prevailed anyway with a 7.215 second/188.99 mph run. Andrew Hines posted a 7.179 second/183.12 mph run in the first round against twelfth-ranked Sean Conner’s Suzuki, also advancing his V-Rod to the second round. Tonglet’s trap speed of 188.99 mph and Hines’ 7.179 second elapsed time each set NHRA Pro Stock Bike records for the best performances by V-Twin-powered motorcycles in series history.

In second round action, Tonglet red-lighted his V-Rod against Geno Scali’s top-ranked Suzuki. Scali would move on to win his semi-final round and the final. Hines beat Suzuki-mounted Shawn Gann off the line, but had to back his V-Rod out of the throttle as he drifted toward the wall and Gann won.

“What an exciting weekend, we got both bikes qualified solidly in the field, and they both won in the first round. GT nearly hit 190 mph and Andrew nailed the best reaction time of the weekend and the best ET ever for a V-Twin Pro Stock Bike,” said Mike Kennedy, director of marketing Parts and Accessories.

“Both bikes are responding well as our continued development efforts are obviously paying off. I’m happy we have our hands around this program and we’re competitive,” said Byron Hines.
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