Kawasaki's W650 Retro Bike

Calvin Kim
by Calvin Kim
If you haven't checked out Kawasaki's old/new W650 retro bike, you really need to.

The bike is not really a beginner's bike, but it's certainly not a race bike either. It's a niche bike that was designed specifically for the Japanese market...

...but there was such strong demand and the bike developed such a cult following that Kawasaki decided to import it.

Use this as a sounding board to let us (and Kawasaki) know what you think about the bike and possibly similar efforts from other manufacturers.

This is a test of the bike in stock condition and we've already started planning a number of modifations to the bike to make it even cooler and more retro, albeit with a tinge of fiestiness that is the MO way.

Read the story here.

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Calvin Kim
Calvin Kim

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