Advice on Luggage for SV650S

First let me say this forum has been indespensible for providing me with needed info on gearing up for my 1st time.

I'm a newbie, living in NYC, waiting for my new 2003 SV650S to arrive. It'll be my only motorized set of wheels so I'm outfitting it with luggage I can use for shopping/weekend getaways etc. I think I'll want to be able to remove 'em if I just want to cruise around or will just take a tank bag etc. I'm lucky to have a friend who can get me a discount and has given some advice but I'm looking for your opinions.

Givi seems to have nice looking quality luggage in both hard and soft formats. Thinking of getting saddlebags to start. I can always bungee a duffle or crate to my seat/tail rack. Or should I just spring for the tail case too? My friend is leaning me towards the soft stuff but I'm not totally convinced (durability/not so waterproof?). I do like the fact that their soft saddlebags are expandable. Is the hard stuff alot heavier? Is it to big for my SV-S? I've seen photos on the web and info on their site showing SV650s outfitted with the hard cases. Hard cases cost more but they might be more durable and waterproof. I've researched other brands as well...

I welcome any advice on configurations, etc. You guys are great!

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