80th Anniversary Beemer

Press Release from BMW:

BMW, USA - BMW USA will offer a special edition of the R 1150 R Rockster in recognition of the 80th anniversary of BMW Motorrad.

The special-edition motorcycle will be available in White/Sapphire Black Metallic with a black dual seat. It will come equipped with heated handlebar grips, integral ABS, and a blue badge with "80 Years" in script lettering. Customers will also receive a commemorative folder with a certificate of authenticity and a booklet documenting 80 years of BMW Motorrad.
Only 2,003 of these special bikes will be produced worldwide, of which the U.S. will receive 200. In addition to a certificate of authenticity, each bike will have a serialized badge mounted on the frame. (Customers cannot choose the serial number of the bike they purchase and serial numbers 0001, 0080 and 2003 are not available.) The serial number/bike the customer receives will be assigned randomly.

The MSRP is $16,490 and includes a fantastic European delivery experience tailored for Edition 80 owners. BMW has charted a Lufthansa jet for 200 U.S. bike buyers. There will be a Berlin plant tour and bike delivery, followed by a three-day tour to Garmisch and a two-day motorcycle rally. The trip runs June 29-July 7, 2003.

Price includes the bike with ABS, R/T chartered flight, bike shipping back to U.S., lodging, and meals. Trip details are available at your dealer. There are no substitutions or price reductions for customers who do not take advantage of the European delivery. (U.S. standard bike with ABS $12,990)

The R 1150 R Rockster Special Edition 80 will be available for ordering this April. Contact your BMW motorcycle dealer for further details.
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