Curious About KTM...

I was wondering if I could gather some MOridian opinions about KTM, or any other dual-sporty bikes. I need (note: not want) a bike to replace my GL500.I was considering an SV, but then I looked outside and saw that massive desert that I live in, and decided I should go with a dual-sport.I don't have/want a car, so I need it to be able to handle occasional freeway use. I've never had a dirtbike, so if I can't tear up the 500's around the cacti, I won't miss it. Though it needs to be faster than my current ride, and handle better, while I'm at it. I do enjoy being able to carry stuff, too (once, I got $110 worth of groceries home on the GL!), but it's not that important.I've been considering the KLR 650, but a KTM dealership just opened up down the street from work. Any suggestions would be appreciated.Thanks,Jexter

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