FSCK'ing Computers Are THE DEVIL!

Motorcycle.com Staff
by Motorcycle.com Staff
That's right, computers are THE DEVIL! We're sure of it, and we hate them all. Read on, we'll tell you why MO was sooooo slow this AM and, if'n you're interested, find out why we're going to flog Dirty Sean with frayed computer cables tomorrow...

Late last night, Dirty Sean decided to re-arrange the kitchen. Isn't that nice of him? We told him not to touch the 'puters -- everyone has their server farm in the kitchen, right? -- but Sean, well, he don't hear so good sometimes. And so it happened that he gave the main network cable a good, stiff yank, and wouldn't ya know it, things started cascading downward quite rapidly... to make a long story short, the cable freaked, started fragmenting packets, which made the main switch spaz out which made every ethernet card's and switched port spaz, which made that expensive switch descend into the intermittent hell of working every now and then. These types of errors are very hard to diagnose -- they always work fine when you're standing there swapping new parts in and out -- and we're not sure that this is even (theoretically) possible.

The end result? Things really slowed down here this AM, and we just got it fixed. Sorry. Thus, we're going riding.

Ah, the real problem with MO surfaces: Would you rather repair computer crap (or do any other office chorse?) or ride those spiffy new bikes sitting over yonder off to some nice lunch destination. Well, if you answered the former, what the heck are you doing reading this site? What's the matter with you anyway? Geez. Get your priorities straight.

So we'll be floggin' Sean manana (after he schleps all over town to buy a spiffy new switch and re-wires the building, of course), if you've got a mean streak that needs placating, stop on by and take a swipe at the lad...

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Motorcycle.com Staff
Motorcycle.com Staff

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