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The 2003 edition of the AMA Supercross Series will come down to the final event in Las Vegas next weekend. The championship will go to either defending champion Ricky Carmichael, or first year 250 supercross rider Chad Reed.

Chad won his fifth event in a row tonight. Ricky finished second, with Ernesto Fonseca taking third.

All eyes were on Carmichael and Reed. Each won their respective heats. Things were shaping up for a good battle between the two in the main. A few laps into the 20 lap main, Chad and Ricky touched as Chad went for the block pass. Ricky went down, and Chad pulled away.

Chad went on to the victory, and Ricky eventually came back to finish second. Chad has closed to within 10 points on Ricky for the title - it all comes down to next weekend in Vegas. If Chad wins in Vegas, Ricky needs to finish at least fifth to win his third AMA 250 Supercross Series Championship. If Chad wins and Ricky finishes below fifth, Chad will win his first AMA 250 Supercross championship.

The 125 West Main Event was almost anti-climatic. James Stewart had clinched the West championship at the previous event in Dallas. But James didn't disappoint the Salt Lake City fans! He dominated the 15 lap race, and captured his seventh win in a row. Second place went to the rapidly maturing KTM rider Billy Laninovich - it's his best finish in supercross. Eric Sorby finished third.

NOTES: 125 East Supercross Champion Branden Jesseman was injured in a practice fall in SoCal preparing for the upcoming Nationals. He's heading back Pennsylvania to have surgery on his thumb, and is possibly out of action for 12 weeks. Travis Preston did not race tonight - he's out with a knee injury.

250 Main Event

1. Chad Reed YAM
2. Ricky Carmichael HON
3. Ernesto Fonseca HON
4. Nick Wey YAM
5. Sean Hamblin SUZ
6. Ryan Clark YAM
7. Tim Ferry YAM
8. Josh Demuth YAM
9. Keith Johnson YAM
10. Heath Voss YAM

250 Point Standings

1. Ricky Carmichael 345
2. Chad Reed 335
3. Ernesto Fonseca 205
4. Nick Wey 187
5. Tim Ferry 177
6. David Vuillemin 169
7. Heath Voss 166
8. Ezra Lusk 149
9. Larry Ward 149
10. Keith Johnson 137

125 West Main Event

1. James Stewart KAW
2. Billy Laninovich KTM
3. Eric Sorby KAW
4. Andrew Short SUZ
5. Shane Bess SUZ
6. Josh Hansen YAM
7. Chris Gosselaar HON
8. Kevin Johnson YAM
9. Steve Mertens YAM
10. Tiger Lacey YAM

125 West Final Point Standings

1. James Stewart 197
2. Travis Preston 138
3. Andrew Short 128
4. Billy Laninovich 123
5. Matt Walker 110
6. Eric Sorby 101
7. Chris Gosselaar 95
8. Josh Hansen 91
9. Danny Smith 81
10. Tiger Lacey 68
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