Motorcycle Safety Month

Press Release From the NHTSA:

Irvine, CA: The Motorcycle Safety Foundation’s mission is to make the nation's streets and highways safer for motorcyclists through rider training programs, operator licensing programs, and public information campaigns. As part of this mission, they often partner with other groups that have an interest in issues concerning motorcycle safety.

The month of May is a "Special Emphasis Period" designated by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). During this month, the focus is on highway and traffic safety issues concerning motorcyclists, providing motorists (other vehicle operators) an opportunity to become familiar with the motorcyclist's view of the highway as well as enhancing their awareness of the motorcyclists who share the road with them.

Historically, automobile drivers are at fault in the majority of auto-motorcycle crashes. The driver either does not see the oncoming motorcyclist at all or does not see the motorcyclist in time to avoid a crash. On the other hand, when the motorcyclist is at fault, he or she has typically made a bad choice, such as riding while impaired. Working together, both types of hazards can be reduced by helping motorists become more aware of motorcycles on the road, and by ensuring motorcyclists are more aware of the consequences of their own choices.
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