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The following release is from AMA Pro Racing:

Reflecting the changing motorcycle marketplace, needs of the manufacturers, benefit to racers and, most importantly, the interests of fans, AMA Pro Racing has revised its class structure for the AMA U.S. Superbike Championship. The new class structure will be implemented beginning with the next racing season.

“The task of developing an all-new class structure is an extraordinarily complex process and it is impossible to satisfy everyone,” said Scott Hollingsworth, CEO of AMA Pro Racing. “Our primary objectives are to deliver the best possible show to our fans while focusing on the market development of professional motorcycle racing in the United States.”

The new classes include Superbike, Supersport, Formula Xtreme and Superstock and are outlined as follows:

Superbike: 900cc-1000cc four-stroke, any number of cylinders.

Supersport: 600cc four-stroke, twin and four cylinders.

Formula Xtreme: 600cc four-stroke, four cylinders; 750cc four-stroke, twin cylinders; 250cc-330cc two-stroke. All highly modified.

Superstock: 750cc-1000cc four-stroke, four cylinders; up to 1350cc air-cooled twin cylinders

This class structure has been approved by the AMA Pro Racing Board of Directors for 2004 season implementation. Technical rules within this class structure are subject to a 30-day public comment period upon publication and all AMA Pro Racing credential holders are invited to submit comments for consideration. New technical rules are expected to be issued in early May.

Merrill Vanderslice, AMA Pro Racing Director of Competition states the new classes represent a logical and equitable evolution of the current structure. “Each class was scrutinized to see that it makes sense to the racing community. We adjusted the Superbike class so it remains the premier class in our championship but also took a close look at each of the support classes. For example, we must objectively recognize the current state of two-stroke development but at the same time remain mindful of the needs of the small but loyal group that enthusiastically follows that particular class of racing.”

Hollingsworth added, “Larger grids, expanded media opportunities and increased business opportunities will be the result of our new class structure. Additionally, we recognize that the structure set forth by AMA Pro Racing ends up being the world standard and we take that responsibility very seriously. AMA Pro Racing is the leading national sanctioning body for professional motorcycle sport in the world and our initiatives have impact around the globe. This new structure represents a good combination of classes that will set the stage for an entertaining, highly promotable show.”

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