VTX 1300 Test Please

Motorcycle.com Staff
by Motorcycle.com Staff

I do really love the sportbike segment (just sold my '00 ZX-6R), but I'm thinking about a cruiser (thought I'd never say it) as my next possible bike. I live in the north MS / south TN (Memphis) area where it's mostly flat, straight riding, or long sweepers, unlike all you lucky SoCal-ians! For this reason, and also the fact that my *new* wife has made it clear that she would feel somewhat more at ease with my riding (she's scared to death of bikes) a cruiser, I'm looking in that direction. And, really, for the money that I'm able/willing to spend, the only bike that really gets my attention, style-wise, is the VTX 1300! Of course, the V-Rod was excluded because of the $$$ factor, as well as the Vegas. The VTX 1300 seems to have a style that really sets it apart from most all the other (boring) cruisers, and has a price tag that seems to give it incredible value. Please ride this bad boy for us. Some of us are salivating for an MOpinion!


We reviewed a VTX in our 2001 Power Cruiser Shootout and, well, it got last... a pity. What say you, MOFos, shall we revist the VTX and power cruisers in general? (Any excuse to get another V-Rod/V-Max test is a good one, sayeth MO!)

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Motorcycle.com Staff
Motorcycle.com Staff

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