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I'm awaiting the arrival of my 1st bike (Suzuki SV650s) at my local dealership so I'm shopping for the right gear and would appreciate your advice. I live in Manhattan and will be doing alot of city to country riding, especially on the weekends.

I'm looking for the best combination of crash protection and convenience and comfort available. The idea of wearing something over my street clothes is really appealing to me since I'll be doing alot of commuter style weekend riding and it will be my only form of motorized transportation. I'm willing to spend the money because I want to stay alive and intact. I'm not rich but if I end up in a wheelchair I'll certainly end up poor in many ways.

I currently have a fairly heavy-duty...

... Schott leather jacket, Arai helmet, Dianese gloves, heavy leather Frye motorcycle boots, and a gortex lightweight rainsuit that I use when I bicycle and run. Fortunately, I have a friend who works for an outfit that can get me decent prices on gear.

Here are the options I've been considering:

*An Aerostitch Roadcrafter 2 piece suit

*First Gear leather overpants combined with some body armour to add to my Schott jacket and into the pants

*A new leather or textile 2 piece outfit

*(my friend recommends both First Gear and Dainese lines and carries both)

Your experience would really help! Thanks!
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