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After SeanAlexander's ignobleintroduction to writing about racing, we present youwith what can only be described as a factory-supported effort, replete with a Kawasaki ZX-6R to ride in the 750 Superstock class at the recent AMA round at California Speedway--MO's home track. What began as an innocent-enough proposal just to see how a pretty good club racer would fare on a stock 636 soontook on a life of it's own...

...if only Dirty Sean's writing was as fast as his riding! Ah, but give the young lad a break, he's been sweating every detail, every pixel of every picture for two weeks now...

We say: Go Sean! You kick ass, brother, for having the 'Nads to race that sick class! Did you all see the five-to-seven-bike pileup on the opening lap? Is this the class for every overly testosteroned male in the US of A to "prove" that he deserves a factory superbike ride? Seems that way to us. Whatever. readthe story, leave some feedback, and rejoice that Sean's home safely and can now get back to doing real work!

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