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In an article posted in the march issue of the M-B club of America magazine (The Star). M-B definitly states that its producing its first Motorcyles this year. Two bikes are in production using a 1300 cc Liquid cooled V-twin producing up to 172 Hp in the sporty version (SSKL) and 149Hp in the cruiser/ touring Autobahn. Power production helped by variable valve timing and drive by wire. They also plan to introduce many safty features including traction control/Wheely control, active suspension, ABS with adaptive logic, HID headlights, Pulsating daytime running lights, GPS and Tele aid with seat sensors for that expected High speed get- off. Should we welcome these cage makers into the TWO WHEEL community or is this just a gimmick to attract posers with to much cash. Expected price is $29900.

With all due respect to redbandit_1, this rumor has been flying for quite some time, and seems to be a hoax. --MO

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