I Need MOpinions on Rubbers

Motorcycle.com Staff
by Motorcycle.com Staff
Hey all you beautiful MOrons out there in MOto land, I just know I can count on your vast amounts of cranial combustibles to back me up on this one.

My 01' SVS needs new shoes, and I've gotten stuck on about 3-4 choices.

Uno- Metzeler MEZ4's($77front-$97rear); These are the OEM's, and I've got about 9,300 miles out of the originals. Obviously they get great mileage, but I'd like to know if fresh ones will let me lean over far enough to scratch my pegs down to bloody, whimpering nubs...

Deux- Maxxis Super Maxx; These are super cheap, ($72front-$96rear) but I wonder how good of tires they are, and since they're pretty sticky(CW sidebar review a few months ago), I wonder if I'll only get 4-5 grand out of 'em.

Trois- Metzy Sportecs($80front-$100rear): I've heard great things about these, but heard the mileage sucks. I gotta ride this thing to school every day, you know.

Quand- Bridgestone BT010s or 20s($80front-$98rear) Haven't heard much about these two, but the 20's seem to be like the MEZ4's I've got right now, and the 10's are cheap for a sport tire.

Admittedly, I'm leaning towards the SuperMaxxes, just cause they're the cheapest and they look very cool to me. If'n yall wouldn't mind digging around in your collective piles of experience-derived knowlegde, I'd be appreciative.

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Motorcycle.com Staff
Motorcycle.com Staff

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