Kato Update

From a press release issued by Honda Racing:

4/11/2003 - Grand Prix of Japan

Corporate Communications Division
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

Update on the condition of Daijiro Kato following his accident

April 11, 2003—We would like to thank everyone for their concern about the condition of Daijiro Kato following his unfortunate accident. This statement is an update on the developments since the accident.

Immediately after the accident Mr. Kato was taken to hospital, where he continues to undergo medical treatment. However, there has been no change in his condition, and he remains unconscious.

The cause of the accident was investigated by the Suzuka Precinct of the Mie Prefectural Police Department and related parties were interviewed, but the specific cause was not ascertained. Honda representatives have also examined the video records generated by the Suzuka Circuit’s on-site surveillance cameras, but the video evidence is not sufficient to determine the cause of the accident.

Honda Racing (HRC) has examined the motorcycle and analyzed the available data regarding its operation, but found no irregularities.

Based on the currently available information, we have not been able to determine the cause of the accident.
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